2012 iMac Will Start Shipping From This Week?

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Fans of the 2012 iMac are feeling very frustrated as they thought that their pre-orders of the iMac would be underway by now. However this is not the case. The new 21.5 inch iMac was to be out in November, however there are just a few days left to the month and this means that Apple will have to get a move on quick or the name could have to be changed to the 2013 iMac.

2012 iMac may be available starting this week

The problem with the lack of the 2012 iMac has been worse for some more than others. It seems that some people who pre-ordered the 2012 iMac sold their existing system when they saw that the computer would be released in November for shipping. One Product-Reviews reader said that they had sold their iMac from 2007 last week to make way for the new one. Many people have been saving their money for months to buy the computer and now the time is really dragging on.

So if we are to see the 21.5 inch 2012 iMac this month what is Apple playing at? There are just a few days left of the month and Apple have not changed the date on their website. Will Apple even give a reason as to why the pre-orders of the iMac are taking so long? And why couldn’t they have said that they were having problems with delivering the new iMacs?

Some who are waiting were pleased 6 days ago with news from insiders that said the orders would be live by the end of the month. However with the days dwindling down, some of the confidence of seeing them before the month is out has been dwindling away too.

So far Apple is sticking to the November promise. So if this hold true, then it should happen in the week.

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