2012 iMac & Mac Mini Price Freeze! Today’s The Big Day?

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Fans of Apple are starting to get excited thanks to growing rumours of the iMac launch for 2012. The majority of analysts believe that Apple will also reveal their Apple Mac Mini at the same time as the upcoming iPad Mini; however it is thought that the Retina display will not be seen in the iMac specs for this year. What we can expect to see are improved features and a price tag that remains pretty much frozen.

2012 iMac & iPad Mini to be revealed alongside iPad Mini?

By the end of last week it was noticed that the Apple Store in the UK had a shipping date that wasn’t the typical “in stock” message. This could be a hint that there will be a new iMac heading our way, as this has happened in years previously as a way for Apple to stop buyers from purchasing the current model. Shipping time though is still within 1 to 3 working days, but after all why wouldn’t it be if Apple’s event is today?

It is thought that the new iMac will come with similar cost to the models currently on the market. If so you can expect prices in the range of $1,200 to $2,000. Thanks to the 2012 refresh it is thought that the 27 inch top of the range model may drop in price. However this would be dependent on different countries and taxes.

What is interesting is the fact that when the folks over at Product-Reviews called two Apple stores in the UK and enquired about the 27 inch model of the iMac, it was out of stock. Two different members of staff said that they would likely return latest this week and that we should visit their website in the next few days. Could this be yet more confirmation that a 2012 iMac is heading our way? Consequently, many PR readers attempted the same thing and posted on the website’s comments section that they were seeing the same response.

The Mac Mini is also expected to be revealed today and should also come in with its price frozen and this would mean it would start with a price of under $600 and up to just under $1,000. This device would of course have better specs, for the same price. At the moment we don’t know what features may be improved on the products. Apple may increase the RAM option to 32GB, which would be welcomed.

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