The Last Of Us Part 2 Not Hold Back By PS3

Developer Naughty Dog has made it point to point out from the start that the upcoming The Last Of Us Part 2 will be a very different game from what we had in the past and that they will be making some major changes to improve the game.

One of the changes that were highlighted in the environment of the game as Neil Druckmann, the director of the game pointed out that it will have a “much wider environment” this time thanks to the power of PS4.

We did already see them working on something like that when they release The Lost Legacy and now we will be seeing more of it when The Last Of Us Part 2 arrives. They added that they had to hold back a little with the last game since the game was also made to be released on the PS3 console but now that the new game will only be released on PS4, they are more comfortable with the idea of pushing it a little further and have wider environment and sequences in the game.

It was also added that the upcoming game will be the longest Naughty Dog game we have ever had. The Last of Us Part 2 will be released on the 21st of February 2021.