Spider-Man: Miles Morales Announcement Made With New Trailer

A whole list of games was announced during the PS5 event and one of them is Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the follow-up game to the 2018 Spider-Man game.

If you did play the first game, you will know that Miles was bitten by the spider and ended up getting the same superpower as Peter. The game later got three more DLC which explored this storyline with Peter taking Miles under his wings.

Seeing the next game’s title, it is easy to predict that the game will be about. The trailer showed Miles now fully decked with his Spider-Man outfit and that he has a unique venom stinger superpower.

So far, everything does look amazing but we will have to wait for the developer to reveal more including the release date for the game. As for the PS5, it is expected to arrive later this year despite the pandemic.