Skate 4 Happening But Won’t Be Called Skate 4

EA Play Live had a few interesting details to share and one that fans were happy to learn about is the new Skate game that will be coming our way.

According to the announcement, a new Skate game is currently in its early development stage. They did not show off any footage and it was even hinted that the game might not be called Skate 4. They did not even reveal on what platform we will be seeing the game.

What they did say was that the game was made possible because of how much the fans asked for it. He said that they “commented” the game into existence. We do not know how many more years we will have to wait before we actually see the game but it could be years since the game is now only in its early stages of development.

With Tony Hawk also announcing his game not too long ago, it looks like we will finally be getting some nice skateboarding games, something that has been overlooked for many years.