Resident Evil 2 Remake Breaking Free And Fans Are All For It

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Ever since the Resident Evil 2 Remake was announced, the fans have definitely been making sure that their wishes for the game is being heard and luckily for them, it certainly looks like Capcom has been listening.

After being quiet for so long, we finally got to hear more and even see parts of the game at E3 2018 this year. This is the first time the fans are seeing the remake version of the game and so far, most people seem pretty happy with it.

We got to see the game from a brand new perspective thanks to the new camera angle now. The camera was previously fixed in a position and now it is an over the shoulder third person view which is something that fans were split up about before. Some fans think that the old camera angle was needed to keep the original vibe of the game but others think that the change of camera angle could freshen up the game.

Well, it is clear now that the new camera angle is one of the best things to happen to the game. Capcom also made sure to change up the surprise behind each room so that the game looks familiar but also still be full of suspense.

The game is now available for pre-orders.

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