Red Dead Online Update Will Make You Want To Jump Back In?

While most people are already done with Red Dead Redemption 2, it is the Red Dead Online that has kept the fans from leaving and forgetting about the game and Rockstar now has another new update to offer to make sure the fans have something more to play around with.

The new update will come with some new Legendary Bounties, 10 in toral with the first one starting this week with Barbarella Alcazar, the Del Lobos gang leader. The bounties will span five states and it is said that Alcazar will be hiding in New Austin.

She is wanted for thievery, extortion, and murder and she also happens to be wide of outlaw Ricardo Alcazar. Players will have until the 23rd of September to find here and bring her in Alive.

The Bounty Hunter and Collector role were added to the game in the last summer patch upgrade and this latest update will be able to complement that with more task for those specializations.