Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass Detailed

More details about the Pokemon Sword and Shield game was revealed during Nintendo Direct this week. Here is what we know right now.

Not only will we be getting some new regions but we will also be seeing new Pokemons, new characters as well as new Legendaries. The developer also added that there will be a new Gigantamax version of the starter Pokemon.

It was announced that Rillaboom will now be getting a huge drum set. Cinderace, on the other hand, will be standing on top of a ball of flame. What was most interesting was the fact that Inteleon will now pick up a rifle tower and set up in a sniper tower.

Seeing as Inteleon can learn Sniper SHot and has a hidden ability Sniper, it made sense that the designer would go this direction with the Pokemon but it is still odd to see a Pokemon with a gun. Since the announcement, fans have already come out with a few memes for Inteleon.