Pokemon Go: Which Pokemon Will Be Chosen Next

October’s community day is over now and fans can now look forward to the next Community Day event as the developer reveals for details this week.

According to Niantics, Chimchar will be the next featured Pokemon. The fire starter Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl will be dominating the map on the 16th of November next month. During the event, players will get to catch as many Chimchar as they need to stock up on Chimchar Candy and evolve it all the way to Infernape to get the special move.

Players will also get a chance to capture a Shiny Chimchar during the event. As usual, you will be giving two hours after the event has ended to evolve it. The other Community Day bonus like the lure and egg bonus will also return.

Niantics will also be preparing for the release of Regigigas in EX Raids happening next month.