Pokemon Go October Community Day Details Revealed!

We are almost at the end of September and Niantic is already hyping their Pokemon Go fans up for the next community day event.

The next Comunity Day event will be happening on the 12th of October and this time, the Pokemon that we will be seeing all over the map will be Trapinch, the Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire. As usual, not only will be seeing the Pokemon all over the map but this will also be your chance to catch a Shiny version of the Pokemon.

If you managed to get it all the way to become Flygon, the Pokemon will also be able to learn a special event-exclusive move but we do not know what move yet. The usual Comunity Day bonuses can be expected as well.

The event will be starting from 11 AM to 2 PM local time which is a little earlier than before so do take note of that.