Pokemon Go November Community Day Details Dropped

Niantics had a few interesting announcements to make this month. Other than offering a new Galarian Weezing, fans can also look forward to taking part in the monthly Community Day event which will feature Chimchar this time around.

The Fire-type Pokemon is one of the starter Pokemon options in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Players will see more Chimchar on the map and they will also get a chance to encounter and catch a Shiny version of Chimchar.

If you evolve Chimchar all the way to Infernape, the Pokemon will also learn the special move Blast Burn but only if you evolve it during the specified time period. The usual community day bonus will still be applied and that includes the Lure Modules which will last 3 hours, Pokemon Eggs that will only need a quarter of the original distance to hatch so you can hatch more eggs during the event.