Pokemon Go: New Ice-Type Legendary Released

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As Niantic continues to offer new features and Pokemon, we can expect to see more Legendary Pokemon released into the game. The latest Legendary Pokemon to join will be one of the Legendary titans, Regice.

Regice is one of the three titans from the Pokemon universe and as its name would suggest, it is an ice-type Pokemon which means the best way to take it down will be to battle with Fire, Rock, Steel and Fighting types.

Regice will be appearing in Raid Battles all over the world from now until the 19th of July. Since it is the titans, we can safely assume that Regirock and Registeel will follow soon after although Niantic has not announced when those two Legendary will be added into the game.

Besides adding in a new Legendary, the new update will also bring in the new friends and trading feature but only trainers that are Level 33 and above would be able to make use of the new feature.

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