Pokemon Go: Gyms Interaction Radius Much Wider Now

Niantics have already announced that they will be allowing their players to take part in Raids at home but before that update arrives, the developer is already winding the radius of their Gyms so that players can interact with ti from far away.

The studio announced that they will be doubling the distance of where you can interact with the gym so you can spin the Disc and take part in Raids Battles in the comfort of your home. However, this will only be for Gyms and not Pokestops.

On top fo that, the developer is also looking for a new way that their fans can enjoy the Pokemon Go Fest without having to go outside. They also tweaked the Adventure Sync feature so that players can track their indoor movement.

Landorus also made its debut this week. The new Legendary Pokemon will be in the game from now until the 21st of April.