Path Of Exile New Expansion Announced

The most exciting Path of Exile news this week would most likely be the announcement for Path of Exile 2 but the developer is still very committed to the current Path of Exile as they announce the new expansion for the game.

The new 3.9.0 expansion called the Conquerors of the Atlas will come in with a new endgame story, upgradeable maps, new skills and more. The developer also added that there will now be a Support Gem Plus item coming to Path of Exile that will be even more powerful.

The new expansion will be arriving on the 13th of December this year. The developer also released a new trailer for the upcoming expansion. You can check out the new trailer below if you have not seen it yet.

Besides the expansion announcement, Grinding Gear Games also announce the upcoming Path of Exile 2 as well as the mobile version of the current game.