Next-Gen Mercedes C 63 AMG Ready To Get Some Plug-In Hybrid Action

It looks like the next-gen Mercedes C 63 AMG will be saying goodbye to the V8 engine as a new report suggest that the automaker might be looking at the four-cylinder plug-in hybrid for the next-gen model.

There were already speculations that Mercedes might be looking to offer something like that last year so this does not really come as much of a surprise. It was reported that the vehicle could be coming with the electrified 2.0 liter M139 four-cylinder. The engine could also be mated to a nine-speed AMG MCT Speedshift automatic transmission.

Other reports also claim that the vehicle will not be offered with a wagon body style anymore but the sedan, coupe, and convertible will still be an option. As exciting as this is, we will most likely have to wait two more years before we actually see it since the next-gen C-class will only be arriving in 2020 and then we will probably have to wait another year before the AMG arrives.