Lego Star Wars: Kill Jar Jar 20 Times To Unlock Crowd Pleaser Achievement

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While we have frequently said that the Lego game franchise has started to become quite formulaic and stale – the majority of them using the same traits, tricks and puzzles – Star Wars has some interesting findings.

In the list of Xbox achievements possible with Lego Star Wars, one particular one aptly named Crowd Pleaser, is unlockable by some pretty funny means. According to the guide, you need to kill Jar Jar a minimum of 20 times to unlock the Crowd Pleaser.

Jar Jar has managed to make it through the movie franchise unfortunately, so we can assume that fans will happily want to kill him a total of 20 times, making this one of the easiest and most gratifying achievement unlocks in the game.

He’s like a cat. So enjoy taking him down in Lego Star Wars. Alas, if we could only do it in the movie. That would be perfect.

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