Google Stadia: Pre-Order Does Not Guarantee No Waiting Time

For those that did pre-order Google’s new Google Stadia, you might want to take note that pre-ordering it does not guarantee you access when the service launches.

According to Google, they will ship out their orders on a first-come, first-served basis which means if you ordered yours later, you could be waiting until December before you can actually start streaming. This applies to those that pre-ordered the Founder’s Edition as well.

Officially, the Google Stadia will be launching on the 19th of November but depending on how soon you placed an order, your wait time could be longer than others even if you get the Premiere Edition. As for now, the package will start to arrive on the 19th of November so a few lucky ones will be able to start streaming on the day it is released but some of you might end up waiting a little longer than you expect.