Gears 5: Microtransaction Making Players Feel Uncomfortable

No matter which side you are on when it comes to microtransaction, it has been clear from the start that having it in the game would mean getting some heat from the fans and the same can be said about Gears 5.

Since its release this month, some fans have been talking about the microtransacton and how they are not sure it is right for the game. After hearing their fans voice they concern, Fergussenm the head of The Coalition ahs now coe out to explain how it is different this time around.

According to him, while it is far from perfect, they are going to keep working on it. He also added that Gears 5 has a lot more free concept compared to the last game and that they will have more to offer in the future with DLCs and more.

If it were up to you, what do you think they should be changing?