Fortnite: What We Know Of The Rifts?

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Some fans notice the last time that the rift in the sky was actually closing up and it looks like we might finally know what the whole Rift thing will be about.

After all the speculations, Epic Games finally gave us a clue in the In-game news feed suggesting that there will be something called the Rift-to-go. While it does not actually explain it, the fans think that it could mean that players could maybe find a Rift or maybe deploy it and go wherever you want.

It did not say if the update will come with the next patch but we are going to guess that that will be the case.

While we wait for the next update, fans can check out the new “more cowbell” emote as well as a new panda skin to buy. Players also have a few more weeks left to finish the Season 5 challenges to earn the rewards.

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