Fortnite New Mode Finally Released After Delays

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With what the new Playground Mode has to offer, the fans can’t wait to jump right in and start messing around with their friends but issues with the new mode meant that Fortnite developer Epic had to push it back a few times.

Earlier this week, Epic announced that they will continue to work on ironing out the issue with the new Playground Mode and that they will only release it once they are confident that it works.

Well, it looks like it did not take long for them to figure it all out because the new Playground Mode has now been released for the Fortnite along with the new 4.5 update.

The new Playground mode is more like a private server mode where players and their friends can jump in and explore and mess around without worrying about the enemy. They can also practice their building skills and another strategy here before jumping back into the real battle royale mode.

The new update also brings a few new weapons and features.

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