Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Spoilers Incoming!

The developers might not be ready to show their new demo for Final Fantasy 7 Remake yet but it looks like some people had other plans for it as the demo was recently leaked. The fans got their first look at the opening cinematic while others looking into the code managed to dig out some additional information about the game.

According to the reports, the leaked PC files showed some fo the characters and outfit which could spoil a little of the game so if you are hoping to play the game with a fresh mind, you might want to be extra careful these days.

Of course, at the end of the day, not all of these will make it to the final version of the game but there is a chance that it might as well. No word on when Square Enix will officially be releasing this demo.

As for Final Fantasy VII Remake, it is set to arrive on the 3rd of March on PS4.