Dragon Ball FighterZ Marks Milestone With Free In-Game Money

The new Dragon Ball FighterZ was a huge success as the developer has recently announced that they have hit the 5 million lifetime sales milestone between shipped and digital and to celebrate that, they will be offering some free stuff in-game.

Starting from now until the 28th of May, players that logs into the game will be given 5 million Zeni along with there lobby characters including Android 21 Special 01, Goku (SSGSS) Special 01, and Vegeta (SSGSS) Special O1.

Players will get to walk about any of the menus with these avatars. With the 5 million Zeni, players can also easily unlock the game’s unlockable characters, Super Saiyan Ble of Goku and Vegeta.

The game have slowly been gaining more attention as the developer continues to add more characters to the game via DLCs. There is currently a long list of Goku variants not hat we are complaining. This popular game will also be making an appearance at the EVO 2020 which has now been turned into an online event.