Dragon Ball FighterZ Gets New DLC Character This Month

We did get to see Gogeta at EVO 2019 this year and the character will finally be added to the roster in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

According to the report, the new DLC character will retail for $5 USD and will come with special attacks like the Stardust Breaker and Ultimate Kamehameha. Of course, we have not heard anything from Bandai Namco or Arc System Works yet but we should be getting some sort of an announcement soon.

This will be the fifth DLC character that the game has gotten with the FigherZ Pass 2, the other includes GT Goku, Janemba, Jiren, and Videl. The last character to come with the pass will be Broly which have not been revealed yet. The pass itself will cost $25 USD so if you plan to get all the DLC character, getting the pass will save you some.

Gogeta will officially be added into the game on the 26th of September.