Doom Eternal Won’t Leave Nintendo Out But…

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We finally got to see how the Doom Eternal gameplay will look like as Bethesda showed it off at QuakeCon 2018 but that is not the only interesting thing that Bethesda had to announce this week.

On their Twitter account, Bethesda tweeted that the game, Doom Eternal which is the sequel to the Doom game will also be released on the Nintendo Switch. Besides the Switch, the game will also be released on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

We for the release date, we know that it will only be coming next year but what we do not know now is if the Nintendo Switch will get the game the same time as the rest or will only be getting it a few months after the rest since games like Wolfenstein II arrived later on the Switch compared to other platforms.

Have you seen the new gameplay? What do you think of the sequel so far?