Diablo 4 Will Have Microtransactions

One of the most interesting announcements at BlizzCon this year was the Diablo IV announcement Aand Blizzard has continued to drop even more details about the upcoming Diablo game including the possibility of having a microtransaction feature.

The new game will have some mounts and character customization feature and according to the latest reports, you can also spend some real money to get new cosmetic items for your characters. Of course, the microtransaction will only be for cosmetic only and you will not be able to improve your build or become more powerful through a microtransaction.

With the game being so far away, we will probably have to wait a little longer before we can actually learn more about the game but for now, everything we have been hearing seems to be pretty positive with a few upsets here and there but that is only to be expected with all the changes that Blizzard was ready to make.

What do you think?