Destiny 2 Server Down Time Announced!

As with every new season, the server will be shut down as the developer prepares the game for the next season and they have now announced the downtime for the Destiny 2 servers this week.

According to Bungie, Destiny 2 will go offline on the 3rd of October this week for maintenance from 8 AM PT. During that time, the game will be unplayable and some other functions that the game is connected to on the websites, mobile and apps could also be affected.

The downtime should not last too long as it is usually around 30 minutes so fans will only be lockout of the game for a short peroid of game. Bungie has also released the new Shadowkeep expansion and light Light free-to-play version of the game this week but things did not go as smooth as they wanted it to as they had to bring down the server a few times to make a few quick fix but overall, the fans seems pretty happy with the new contents.