Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Officer Ranks Easier To Achieve Now

If you are looking to get your rank in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to Officer Rank fast, now is your time to do it as the developer is preparing the fans for the first season next month but before that happens, they will be offering players double XP in the online modes.

Players on PS4, Xbox One and PC will find it easier to fit Officer Ranks now with the double XP bonus.

As for Season 1, Activision expansion that the Rank you receive will be locked and players will get ribbons based on the rank that have. Everyone will be on a new ranking journey when the season start while Enlisted Ranks, Mission progress, Blueprint weapons and Combat Records will be carried over between season.

There will also be the battle pass which will be released in December. The double XP bonus will run from now until the 2nd of December.