Apex Legends Season 5 Will Do Away With Weekly Challenges

When Season 5 arrives, Weekly Challenges will no longer be a thing in Apex Legends much to the relief of the fans as they have been expressing how annoying and difficult the game has been.

The final patch for Season 5 called Fortune Favor will be making some big changes to the game. Besides bringing in the new character Loba, the developer will also be solving some of the common problems that the game has.

One major change will be the removal of the new weekly challenges. In its place will now be the seasonal quest called The Broken Ghost which will run for the whole Season 5. To complete this, players will need to look for nine pieces of a mysterious relic.

The update will also make changes to Kings Canyon with Skulltown and Thunderdome now no longer on the map. Salvage, the new POI will also be added to Broken Coast. Check out the patch notes for the update on their official blog.