Leaked Avengers Gameplay Reminded Us Of L4D?

No, we are not talking about the Avengers game that will be arriving later this year but the Avengers game that was canceled years ago. Andrew Borman, a YouTuber has managed to... Read more »

Sony PS5 Event Pushed Back

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone Pushed Back

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Epic Offering Free Games Does Not Bring Down Sales

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No Man’s Sky: Xbox Game Pass To Get Highly Anticipated Game This Month

Xbox Game Pass Subscribers will be getting an exciting game this month as it was announced that Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky will be offered this time. Offering up the game on... Read more »

GTA 4 PC Update Bring Cut Music Back But…

The music of GTA 4 was removed a few years ago due to some licensing issues it was announced this week that the music will be back once more but players might... Read more »

Pokemon Go: How To Take On Reshiram

The next Legendary Pokemon that will be added to the Pokemon Go game will be the Reshiram and here are some tips on how to make battling him easier. Reshiram, the Legendary... Read more »

Division 2: The Leak Was The Real Deal

The Division 2 fans might want to step away from the internet if they do not want to get spoiled as Ubisoft has now confirmed that there has been a major Division... Read more »

2021 Lexus IS Unveiling Happening Next Week

The Lexus GS might be on its way out of the market but the Lexus IS is still going strong as Lexus announces that they will be unveiling the 2021 Lexus IS... Read more »

2020 Land Rover Deliveries To Start This Week

Those living in the US have been waiting for the 2020 Land Rover Defender for the longest time and now it is finally here as Land Rover announces that their first shipment... Read more »

The Last Of Us Part 2 Reaching New Heights

The first Last of Us game was pretty successful and with the kind of anticipation the upcoming game has, it was only to be expected that the sequel will be as successful... Read more »

2021 Nissan Armada: Updated Front & Rear Hinted

The 2021 Nissan Armada was spotted getting tested out in the open and based on where Nissan bothered to cover up, it is clear where the 2021 Nissan Armada update will be... Read more »

2021 Buick Envision New Design Is Everything We Want

The 2021 Buick Envision will be coming in with an updated design and from what we have been seeing so far, it looks like Buick hit the jackpot with the design of... Read more »

Baldur’s Gate 3 Gets New Trailer This Week

Larian Studios will be releasing a new trailer for their upcoming game Baldur’s Gate 3 soon as the developer teased that a new trailer will be coming this week. We do not... Read more »

Sludge Life: Epic Offers Brand New Game For Free

Epic has been offering up free games every week but all of the most that were offered were older games or maybe some less known games but this week, Epic Games will... Read more »

Halo 3 First Beta Test For PC Starting Soon, How To Be A Part Of It?

More Halo games will be released on PC as the developer continues to offer up games as part of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Coming soon will be Halo 3 and... Read more »

Civilization 6: Still Some Time Left!

Epic Games is currently offering up the new Civilization 6 for free so if you have not claim your game yet, there is still some time left. Epic have been offering up... Read more »

Grounded By The Outer Worlds Dev Gets Beta

We will soon get a taste of Grounded, the new game created by the same studio behind The Outer Worlds as Microsoft announced that the beta for the game will be arriving... Read more »

Kia Rio Europe-Spec Not Holding Back On The Tech

The updated Kia Rio has been spotted getting tested out in the open a few times now and Kia has now officially revealed the Europe version of the Kia Rio. On the... Read more »

Tesla Model S & Model X Even Cheaper To Own Now

Those living in North America will find that getting the Tesla Model S and Model X is a little cheaper now thanks to the price but from Tesla. Currently, the starting price... Read more »

Destroy All Human Remake Testing Ready For PC Players

Destroy All Human, the game that came out on PS2 and Xbox back in 2005 will be heading to PC now and it was announced this week that the remake demo is... Read more »