Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare New Maps Only A Day Away

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be getting some new content this week including some new maps as well as some game modes. Here is what we know right now. According to... Read more »

Death Stranding Gets Fans Excited Through Days Gone

To celebrate the launch of the new Death Stranding game, SIE Bend Studio has announced that there will be some Death Stranding customization items for Days Gone bike when the new patch... Read more »

WWE 2K20 Bumpy Start Not What Exec Were Hoping For

WWE 2K20 was released at the end of last month and while the huge fanbase of the game will guarantee that it will get some decent sales, the release was not as... Read more »

2020 Mitsubishi Mirage & Attrage To Show Off Facelift Soon

Both the Mitsubishi Mirage and Attrage will be getting a facelift for 2020 and we will get to see all the changes that Mitsubishi made in less than two weeks as Mitsubishi... Read more »

2020 Hyundai Venue: Is Cheaper Better Here?

If you are looking to get an SUV but is a little tight on the budget, the 2020 Hyundai Venue could be the one for you since Hyundai has now dropped the... Read more »

Toyota GR Yaris Teased As Debut Date Draws Near

Toyota will be taking the covers off the Toyota GR Yaris soon but before that happens, they have released a new teaser for the upcoming model. The image showed a camouflaged prototype... Read more »

2020 Audi R8 With RWD Returns For Good?

Audi took the rear-wheel-drive Audi R8 out of their lineup a few years ago and now they are ready to bring it back. Here is what the 2020 version will be offering.... Read more »

Chevrolet C8 Corvette Production To Start Next Year

It looks like fans will have to wait a little longer before they can get their hands on the Chveolte C8 Corvette as Chevrolet officially announce that they will be pushing the... Read more »

Pokemon Sword & Shield Competitive Training Won’t Scare Off Newcomer Now

While most of us do enjoy some casual battling, entering the world of competitive battling is a whole other thing with Pokemon and because of how complex it can be, most people... Read more »

2020 BMW M3 Spotted With A Familiar Sound

There were some speculations that BMW might offer a manual transmission option with the BMW M3 and BMW later confirm that that will be happening for both the M3 and M4. Now,... Read more »

Geely Icon Finally Shows Its Face!

Geely did announce that they will be working on a new subcompact SUV called the Icon and now we finally got to see how the vehicle might end up looking like. The... Read more »

2020 Hyundai Grandeur: Giving Us A Good Look

Hyundai will be launching their new 2020 Hyundai Grandeur or Azera as some of you know it by later this month in South Korea but before that happens, they have now released... Read more »

Everspace 2 Hits Funding Target of €500,000

The crowdfunding campaign for Everspace 2 had only two days left when it hit it targeted €500,000 meaning there will be a sequel for the game. The development team thanked the community... Read more »

Red Dead Redemption 2: Crashing Issues On PC Addressed

The PC release of Red Dead Redemption 2 did not go as smooth as the developer would have liked as players reported severe crashing issues with the game. There were others that... Read more »

Ford Bronco R Prototype Could Be More Than That?

Ford took the covers off their new Bronco R prototype and while they are only calling it a prototype at this point, some people believe that it could be more than that.... Read more »

Infiniti Talks Gas-Powered EV With 400HP

Infiniti has been around for 30 years now and they are celebrating it by revealing a little more about what they have planned in the future in terms of EV vehicles. Unlike... Read more »

2020 Toyota Supra With Manual Transmission Heads To SEMA

Fans of the Toyota Supra have been begging Toyota to offer the vehicle with manual transmission for the longest time and now we will finally see one but European Auto Group. The... Read more »

Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 Could Be Happening?

Nobody really expected Horizon: Zero Dawn to end up being so successful and since then, fans have been begging the developer for a sequel and it looks like that could happen after... Read more »

Dragon Age 4: Finally Some News?

Fans of the Dragon Age franchise have been talking about hoping to see the next game for some time now but so far, BioWare has kept things pretty quiet but could we... Read more »

Diablo 4 Will Stay Online All The Time

In the past, even without the internet, you can still play the Diablo game but with the upcoming new Diablo 4 game, players will not be able to play the game without... Read more »

Nintendo Switch To Get More 3DS Franchises Soon

Nintendo has hinted that we will be seeing more 3DS franchise make their way to the new Nintendo Switch console in the near future. Although no game was announced, they did say... Read more »