Sludge Life: Epic Offers Brand New Game For Free

Epic has been offering up free games every week but all of the most that were offered were older games or maybe some less known games but this week, Epic Games will... Read more »

Halo 3 First Beta Test For PC Starting Soon, How To Be A Part Of It?

More Halo games will be released on PC as the developer continues to offer up games as part of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Coming soon will be Halo 3 and... Read more »

Civilization 6: Still Some Time Left!

Epic Games is currently offering up the new Civilization 6 for free so if you have not claim your game yet, there is still some time left. Epic have been offering up... Read more »

Grounded By The Outer Worlds Dev Gets Beta

We will soon get a taste of Grounded, the new game created by the same studio behind The Outer Worlds as Microsoft announced that the beta for the game will be arriving... Read more »

Destroy All Human Remake Testing Ready For PC Players

Destroy All Human, the game that came out on PS2 and Xbox back in 2005 will be heading to PC now and it was announced this week that the remake demo is... Read more »

Battlefield 5: Free Currency Given Out To Compensate Fans Over Issue

Battlefield 5 players will be getting a some free currencies as DICE announced that they will be offering up the currency to make up to the fans for dealing with the issues.... Read more »

FNAF: Help Wanted Announced For Switch!

Nintendo Switch will be getting one more horror game this month as it was announced that a new Five Nights at Freddy’s game was released on the 21st of May. The new... Read more »

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament Winner Will Get More Free Games

A new online tournament for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be starting off on the 20th of May and this time, players will be able to compete for more free games and... Read more »

Mario Kart Tour Gets Two More Characters

Two more characters will be added tot he Mario Kart Tour game this week and this time, it will be from the Kong family. Both Funky Kong and Dixie Kong will be... Read more »

Dead Island 2 Not Coming Anytime Soon

The sequel to Dead Island has been talked about for years now as developers continue to suggest that they are working hard on the second date but it looks like it will... Read more »

Command & Conquer Remastered Will Support Modding

While some developer seems to frown upon modders, it looks like RTS game will be welcoming them with open arms as the developer announce that the upcoming Command & Conquer Remastered Collection... Read more »

Dragon Ball FighterZ Marks Milestone With Free In-Game Money

The new Dragon Ball FighterZ was a huge success as the developer has recently announced that they have hit the 5 million lifetime sales milestone between shipped and digital and to celebrate... Read more »

Call Of Duty Going Back To Black Ops

It looks like we will be going back to Black Ops with the next Call of Duty game as new reports are now suggesting that the next game will be called Call... Read more »

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Game Coming Back Soon?

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World- The Game was delisted back in 2014 but there are now talks about the game possibly making a comeback. During one of the watch parties for Wright’s... Read more »

The Last Of Us Part 2: One Time Is Not Enough

You might have to play the upcoming The Last of Us Part 2 a few times to find out and unlock everything as more details about the upcoming game was revealed. According... Read more »

PS5 Will Take Its Audio To The Next Level

Sony is suggesting that the PS5 will now come with a better sound system as they revealed that the new console will have evolution for sound. In the slides for their corporate... Read more »

Hunt: Showdown Console Now Gets Cross-Play But Don’t Call Your Friends Yet

Hunt: Showdown players on both the PS4 and Xbox One will now get to play the game together as the developer introduces cross-play with the latest update but if you are looking... Read more »

Total War: Three Kingsdoms Greenskins Faction Finally Gets Updated

Those that played the beta version of Total War: Three Kingdoms reported a few issues with the game and luckily, the developer now has a hotfix ready for some of the reported... Read more »

Mafia: Definite Edition Remake’s Gets Release Date

2K Games have recently confirmed that the new collection and the release date for the Mafia: Trilogy was announced for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The trilogy will come with the remake... Read more »

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road Will Not Make It In The Spring

When Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road was first announced, it was revealed that the game will be arriving in the Spring but it was now announced that the game will now be pushed... Read more »

Pokemon Go & Uniqlo Bringing Both Worlds Together

The Pokemon Company and Uniqlo will be working together to up the style in the real world and also in the Pokemon Go game. Not only will we see Pokemon Go T-shirts... Read more »