Genesis Teases Future New Coupe

All eyes might be on the upcoming GV80 now but that does not mean Genesis not exciting about what is to come in the future as the automakers started teasing their future... Read more »

2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S: How Far Will It Go?

Despite all the hype for the 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo model, fans were a little dissapointed when it was announced that the vehicle will only be able to offer about 201miles of... Read more »

Nissan Ariya Will Put Z Car To Shame?

We got to see the Nissan Ariya concept at the Tokyo Auto Show last year. At that time, it was revealed that the vehicle will be coming in as a production model... Read more »

Next-Gen Jaguar XJ With Electric Powertrain Spotted?

Spies spotted what they believe is the test mule for the next-gen all-electric Jaguar XJ model that Jaguar announced not too long ago. Here is what we have learned so far. It... Read more »

Cyberpunk 2077: Wait Not Close To Being Over!

Cyberpunk 2077 is easily one of the most hyped-up games at this point. After The Witcher 3, fans of CDPR have been looking forward to seeing how well the developer can make... Read more »

2021 Ford Bronco: Much-Loved Shape Spotted

There have long been speculations on whether Ford will be giving the Bronco back its iconic boxy design or not as many feared the new version will look like the newer models... Read more »

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Gives Players For Time

Players of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game will now have more time to collect the rewards from Season One as the developer announced that they will be extending the first... Read more »

Devil May Cry 3: Style Change On The Fly

Developers of the upcoming Devil May Cry 3 game have suggested that there the Nintendo Switch version of the game will come with an updated style switching feature and it has now... Read more »

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Bad News For Anime Fans

The developer of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has just released a new and final trailer for their game just before the release of the game but if you are a fan of... Read more »

2021 Toyota Venza To Come Back With Some Electrification

There were some rumors last year suggesting that Toyota might be looking to being the Toyota Venza back into the market but as a crossover model that will be coming in 2021.... Read more »

Toyota & Lexus Recalls 700K Units Over Fuel Pump Issue

Toyota will be issuing a recall to bring back approximately 700k units of Toyota and Lexus due to a fuel pump issue that they have discovered. According to the report, 696,000 units... Read more »

2021 Genesis GV80: Details Out Now

We got to see what the 2021 Genesis GV80 will look like when the vehicle was revealed earlier this month but at that time, a lot of the details were still a... Read more »

Doom Eternal New Trailer Focuses On Lore Of Game

We are not that far off from the release of Doom Eternal now and Id Software is looking to hype fans up with a new trailer for the game. The new story... Read more »

Resident Evil 3 Remake Trailer Shines Light On Nemesis!

A new trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake has been released and this time, we got a clear look at how Nemesis, the hulking antagonist in the Resident Evil 3... Read more »

Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC: Which Old Pokemons Are Returning?

There will be two major expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield this year and fans can expect to see some of the familiar Pokemons make a comeback when the expansion arrives. It... Read more »

Audi SQ7 Heads To The US, What We Know Now

It seems like offering more SUVs is the way to go here in the US which is probably why Audi has decided to add the SQ7 and SQ8 to their lineup here... Read more »

Porsche Looking To Dominate The Skies Too?

A few automakers have already expressed their interest in taking to the skies and it looks like Porsche is also playing around with that idea now. Porshe did express their interest in... Read more »

Audi Not Ready To Give Up On Sedans Yet

With the attention that SUVs are getting right now, it does feel that there is no place for sedans in the market but Audi is not ready to give up on sedans... Read more »

Nissan Elgrand New Special Edition Takes Stage In Tokyo

We got to see a few interesting versions of vehicles at the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon including the special edition Nissan Elgrand model. Nissan announces that customers will be able to order... Read more »

Tesla Wants To Talk To Pedestrians

Automakers have been trying to figure out a way to alert other road users of the presence of the new EV models. Some automakers have chosen to emit noise from the vehicle... Read more »

Honda’s Japan-Only Model Leading The Pack

Honda might have a long list of vehicles that they offer here in the US but the fact is that they have even more models that they are only offering in Japan... Read more »