Sony Xperia Z Now Available, Ships In 48 Hours

Many Android fans have been waiting to get their hands on the latest device from Sony, by way of the Sony Xperia Z. Sony are raising the bar high in comparison to what they have offered us in the past. They have made a device that betters the Xperia T, which was launched by the company last year. The Sony Xperia Z is available right now and you could have it in your hands in two days. (more…)

By Mario Caballero, ago

Epic Sony Xperia Z Review Crowns It Best Android Today

Sony have been hard at work over the last year and while they have lacked in brilliance it has been a great period of time for them. They have built their line-up from the start and have avoided fights that they had no chance of winning. They have steered clear of the top end of the market and positioned themselves below the Samsung Galaxy performance and the iPhones. (more…)

By Joshua TzeLung, ago

Sony Xperia Z vs iPhone 5: An Unbiased Review

We enjoy offering readers comparisons about some of the most talked about handsets. The reason being that comparisons are what we would consider and unbiased review as it is solely based on specs and not opinions. Today we have chosen the Apple iPhone 5 and the Sony Xperia Z, and the specs of the two devices will speak for themselves. (more…)

By Mike Johnson, ago

Xperia Z vs Galaxy S3 & DROID DNA: Old Dogs vs New Hotness

The latest flagship device from Sony is the Sony Xperia Z and it provides users with the superphone experience. Of course when it comes to track records, Sony is not the best company. They have not sent out hardware that is awful, but then they haven’t managed to reach the coveted number one spot. However Sony hopes that this will all change with the Sony Xperia Z. (more…)

By Dwayne Madden, ago