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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Gets Android 6.0 Marshmallow Boost!

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is going to receive the Android 6.0 Marshmallow boost soon and there have been a lot of people talking about it.

One person said that the last ROM they ran was the CM12 and they found that they had a drop in battery. While the device is an old one it has been a popular one and it is a handset that refuses to die. However the battery life does seem to be an issue.

People who own the Samsung Galaxy Nexus have asked why they are getting an old Cyanogen mod and why not get CM13. However it has been pointed out that there are none CM Android 6.0.1 ROMs for the Galaxy Nexus.

CyanogenMod has begun to lag behind now and 12.1 didn’t get a full release for any handset other than the OPO.

Do you have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and what do you think about the Android 6.0 Marshmallow boost?

Is This A Samsung Galaxy S4 Or Samsung Galaxy Nexus 5? [PICS]

A render has been posted online which is said to be the Samsung Galaxy S4. However the device does look a lot like the LG Nexus 4 making us think this should more likely be a Nexus device like the rumored Google Nexus 5. Of course there some prospective owners of the Samsung Galaxy S4 who might enjoy the look of the LG Nexus 4, but surely the render cannot be what the real Samsung Galaxy S4 would look like. Continue reading

Galaxy S4: Samsung Will Need Creative Designers, Or Lawyers

Last year’s legal spat between Samsung and Apple has proved that Android needs to get a look of its own. Smartphones are starting to meld into one homogenous look, so it’s hard to tell brands apart. Apple, as pioneers of the smartphone “look” are always going to have the aesthetic and legal advantage. Continue reading

Verizon Galaxy Nexus Discontinued; What’ll You Get If Yours Breaks?

It seems that one of the most exciting and promising handsets to come out last year will be bidding us farewell. This is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE with Verizon. This was the first in the Nexus line-up that was available with 4G LTE on the largest carrier in the US and to fans it was a big deal. However it seems that to Verizon it wasn’t such as big deal and it has breathed in its last breath. Continue reading

[VIDEO] “iPhone 5” Runs Android 4.2 Before Galaxy Nexus!

Apple has received a great deal of criticism for failing to be innovative with the Apple iPhone 5 and iOS. However one thing that you cannot criticize is the design of the handset. The Apple iPhone 5 is sleek and it is very light, with a beautiful body and there are not many Android handsets that can rival it in this regard. Continue reading