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2016 apple macbook pro

MacBook Retina Arriving Before Air & Pro In June?

Word has been going around that there may be a new version of the MacBook Retina arriving before the Air and the Pro versions, which is said to be arriving in June.

Apple may decide that they want to send out the MacBook Retina silently into stores online and so all focus is going to be on the announcements that come out at the WWDC along with products and events in March.

A refresh of Skylake may also be pushed out and there are some who said that this will more than likely happen. We have also heard that the Pro will be revealed at the WWDC and that it may arrive in the 13 and 15 inch.

But what are your thoughts? Is there going to be a new MacBook Air Retina and will it come out before the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro?

2016 apple macbook pro

New MacBook Retina Coming Before Pro & Air Release In June?

We have heard that the new version of the MacBook Retina may be coming out before the Pro and the Air version, which are coming out in June.

Of course Apple may choose to silently push out the new MacBook Retina into online stores if they want all the focus to remain on the announcements at the WWDC and the events and products in March.

A Skylake refresh could be pushed out and some people have said that this is more than likely. It is also said that the Pro is going to be shown off at the WWDC and it may be a 13 inch, the 15 inch or it may be both.

But what do you think? Will the new MacBook retina display come out before the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air?

Missing 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina Model Held Back Until October [Report]

In a very accurate report from Ming Chi Kuo, analyst for KGI Securities, it was said that Apple were intending to release the 15 inch Retina MacBook Pro to run in conjunction with the MacBook Pro rather than ‘instead of’. A later report in April claimed that the 17 inch MacBook Pro would be discontinued – and this claim also came to pass. So it seems as though his reports are a good source of well-informed predictions, which is why we are looking back at his reports to find out more about the upcoming 13 inch MacBook Pro Retina. Kuo believes that this device will probably arrive in no earlier than August, due to some issues with the display and dissipation of heat from the device. Continue reading

MacBook Pro 2012 Crowned Worst Device On The Market With Regards To Ability To Repair

A recent report by the folks over at BGR discussing complaints from device repair experts who work for iFixit has brought some issues with the MacBook Pro 2012 model into the limelight. Apparently, this device, despite its wonderful specs and features, is a complete nightmare when anything goes wrong. The experts have in fact said that the new MacBook Pro Retina scores a shocking 1 out of 10 for ‘repairability’, showing it as one of the worst devices on the market with regards to ability to repair. Continue reading