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Jony Ive Tears iOS 7 Up, Changes Cause For Delays?

There has been a lot of talk about the future release of iOS 7. Sources have said that the fingerprints of Jony Ive will be all over the new OS, but that it is taking longer than first thought to get it completed. It has been said that Apple have even gone to the trouble of taking people from OS X 10.9 to work on it and get it completed. Continue reading

iOS 7 A Major Setback For iPhone 5S… iOS 8 Anyone? [PR]

People have been trying to make predictions of which version of the Apple iPhone the company will reveal next. In the past this has been simple, however thanks to the stunt that they pulled off last year with the Apple iPad, matters have now been confused. There are always rumours going around and many of these relate to whether Apple will launch the Apple iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. Continue reading

PR: iPhone 5S Chooses 4″ ITO Glass TSP

Apple is getting ready to reveal the Apple iPhone 5S and fans may be disappointed as it is thought that there will be nothing ground breaking about the handset. This means that the design will not be much different from the current iPhone on the market. However Product-Reviews reports that there is to be one thing different as Apple will take on the market in China by having the 4 inch ITO glass TSP in the Apple iPhone 5S. Continue reading

iPhone 5S & 6: Appetizer First, Main Course Deep Into 2013

Analyst for Topeka Capital, Brian White, said in a note sent to investors that Apple are to reveal a cheaper version of the Apple iPhone in 2013 and this will come with a body of plastic as opposed to metal and glass. This is what has been fueling rumors of two iPhones coming this year – a budget iPhone 5S and a true sequel to the current model the iPhone 6. Continue reading

Skipping iPhone 5 For The 5S? What Can You Expect

The iPhone 5 is a huge hit, and it is undoubtedly an impressive phone, running as it does on iOS 6. This combo is selling millions already, but the iPhone 5 does have its flaws. The folks over at Phone-Reviews are already looking ahead to the iPhone 5S, which needs to be really amazing if Apple wants to retain its customer base. Continue reading