iPhone 5S & 6: Appetizer First, Main Course Deep Into 2013

Analyst for Topeka Capital, Brian White, said in a note sent to investors that Apple are to reveal a cheaper version of the Apple iPhone in 2013 and this will come with a body of plastic as opposed to metal and glass. This is what has been fueling rumors of two iPhones coming this year - a budget iPhone 5S and a true sequel to the current model the iPhone 6. (more…)

By Dwayne Madden, ago

iPhone 4S Complaints Grow After iOS 6.1 Update

operating systems are complex and so it is not unusual to see updates to them being released, and more so when the update goes out to millions of owners on different devices. A new OS usually means glitches that are unexpected and this is true for Apple thanks to the different iPads and iPhones that it supports. When Apple released iOS 6.1 problems have been seen and it seems that issues are growing, especially with 3G connectivity. (more…)

By Cecelia Dahl, ago

Top iPhone 4S & 5 Battery Tips

Two great handsets on the market right now for Apple fans are the Apple iPhone 4S and the latest Apple phone, the Apple iPhone 5. However all handsets have battery life issues and if you want to get the most out of your iPhone 5 or 4S you may wish to take a look at these tips. (more…)

By Mario Caballero, ago