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How Can iPad Replace Laptops If Its A Big iPhone

Apple seems to want the iPad to take over from laptops. But if this is so maybe they should make sure that the software on the device isn’t just a revision of the software that is on the phone.

iOS works great on a smartphone, however for a tablet it isn’t good enough. Apple has been working taking smartphones up to tablets, while Microsoft is working the other way around turning from tablets to smartphones.

Microsoft may be winning right now as they are making tablets that are more capable, but at the same time they are not doing do well with smartphones. Some owners of the Surface Pro 4 have said that it’s not a tablet that is more capable, but a laptop that is weaker.

There is a lot of difference between the Surface Pro 4 compared to an iPad when you have been using it for a few hours. The dimensions are not as comfortable and software hasn’t been designed to work well on touch displays.

In the end when wondering if the iPad can replace a laptop you have to consider the fact that one is a laptop trying to be a tablet and the other is a tablet trying to be a laptop.

Do you think the iPad could replace a laptop?

iPad Death Watch: 3 Years Running Makes This Slow & Painful?

The Street said “Behold the Apple iFlop”, while Bill Gates said that “it wasn’t there just yet.” Paul Thurrott said that “it was a trinket that was high priced” and DanLyons felt let down. Eric Schimdt “didn’t work out the difference between a large handset and tablet,” while John Dvorak said that “anyone under the age of 30 would not want one.” Continue reading

iOS 6 Update: When Will It Reach iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS & iPad?

The launch to end all launches (until next year, obviously) is happening today! We know where and when it is, and that the new device is probably called the iPhone 5, and that there may be other iOS 6 features that are expected to be unveiled as well. So that brings us to the next big question. Continue reading

iPod Touch Is Dead – Long Live iPad Mini Weeny!

The Apple products that are on the tongues of everyone at the moment are the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini. It’s as though the iPod Touch has been left behind and is no more. So what if Apple retires the iPod Touch and rebrand it as the smallest of three versions of the iPad? Bloomberg predicts that Apple would then have this iPod touch turned iPad, the full sized iPad and the iPad Mini which is thought to have a 7.85 inch display and will be announced towards the end of October. Continue reading