iPad Death Watch: 3 Years Running Makes This Slow & Painful?

The Street said “Behold the Apple iFlop”, while Bill Gates said that “it wasn’t there just yet.” Paul Thurrott said that “it was a trinket that was high priced” and DanLyons felt let down. Eric Schimdt “didn’t work out the difference between a large handset and tablet,” while John Dvorak said that “anyone under the age of 30 would not want one.” (more…)

By Rick Berke, ago

Microsoft CEO Talks About Office For iPad App

One of the biggest drawbacks to owning an Apple iPad is a lack of being able to find a great word processor on iOS. There are some out there but these are not great, they are middling or poor. This is why we were so excited in November of last year when Microsoft said that they would release an iOS version of their popular Microsoft Office Suite. (more…)

By Cecelia Dahl, ago