2012 iMac & Mac Mini Price Freeze! Today’s The Big Day?

Fans of Apple are starting to get excited thanks to growing rumours of the iMac launch for 2012. The majority of analysts believe that Apple will also reveal their Apple Mac Mini at the same time as the upcoming iPad Mini; however it is thought that the Retina display will not be seen in the iMac specs for this year. What we can expect to see are improved features and a price tag that remains pretty much frozen. (more…)

By Mario Caballero, ago

32GB Google Nexus 7 Tablet Available By Christmas Only (Argos)

The hit tablet from Asus and Google is the Nexus 7 and it has sold rather well according to two large retailers who have been selling the device since it was released in the summer. There is said to be a new version of the tablet being released soon and according to retail giant Argos you will be able to get your hands on the 32GB Google Nexus 7 in time for Christmas. (more…)

By Anna Aoki, ago

iPhone 5: A Downhill Ride For Apple From Here On (ZDN)

When the original iPhone was released onto the smartphone market it was the must have handset and Apple were the company who were pushing out innovative features with their device. However according to ZDNET,  things may have turned sour for Apple and the future may be looking rather bleak, as they seem to have lost their magic in 2012 starting with the latest iPhone 5. (more…)

By Rick Berke, ago