Jony Ive Tears iOS 7 Up, Changes Cause For Delays?

There has been a lot of talk about the future release of iOS 7. Sources have said that the fingerprints of Jony Ive will be all over the new OS, but that it is taking longer than first thought to get it completed. It has been said that Apple have even gone to the trouble of taking people from OS X 10.9 to work on it and get it completed. (more…)

By Mike Johnson, ago

If This Is iOS 7 Then Shut Up & Take My Money!

One of the most loved operating systems is iOS of Apple. There is no doubt that the OS is the smoothest. However some users have said that the OS has been stagnating recently and when iOS 6 was released, people thought that it was just the same old same old. However now that Jony Ive has taken over the helm of Apple, fans are hoping that there will be some changes coming their way by way of iOS 7. A person from YouTube by the name of BlogB13 is among these fans.  He has taken iOS 6 and revamped it with many new features. Some of these include notifications, Social Hub and a multi-tasking idea that is new which we hope to see in iOS 7. (more…)

By Alex Bagi, ago

iPhone 6 & iOS 7: Go Big, Or Go Home

2013 could see the iPhone returning to its original place in the smartphone world, with the iPhone 6 and iOS 7. Given the evergrowing Android threat, it will be time for Apple to reinvent their iconic phone and OS if it wishes to space itself from the competition like it did back in 2007. (more…)

By Mario Caballero, ago

iPhone 6 & iOS 7: Rebirth Of An Icon

Next year could be the rebirth of Apple and they could turn around and become more like the iconic brand that we knew when they launched the first iPhone in 2007. This could happen with the launch of the iPhone 6, along with iOS 7. This of course is our prediction for the Cupertino company in 2013. (more…)

By Dwayne Madden, ago