HTC One: US Pre-Orders Go Through The Roof!

It seems like 2013 could be the year when HTC starts to to pick up, which is a great thing for Android fans as they would have another handset to consider other than the Galaxy range. Now we hear that early HTC One pre-orders have shot through the roof and this could be an excellent sign for the handset in the future. (more…)

By Mike Johnson, ago

Samsung Galaxy S4 May Not Make It To MWC After All

The HTC One has finally been made official. So the question is whether or not it was what you were expecting and have you gone for it, or are you waiting to see what Samsung reveal? There has been a great deal of talk about the Samsung Galaxy S4, however we are now hearing that the handset may not arrive until March. (more…)

By Anna Aoki, ago

An “Unbiased” HTC One Review

HTC unveiled the HTC One yesterday at the press event. The device had been dubbed the HTC M7, and it was said that it would be arriving with some superb specs. The specs have now been revealed and HTC have certainly struck gold with the device. The handset is coming to shelves in March. (more…)

By Joshua TzeLung, ago