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Google Nexus 5 Or Motorola X? Easier Choice Than You Think, Probably

There are numerous rumours going around about which device might get Key Lime Pie first. Could it be the Motorola X or will it be the Google Nexus 5? Google have tried to reassure smart phone makers since they took over Motorola. They said that other makers stand just as much chance of making a Nexus handset. But could the Motorola X be the Google Nexus 5 and will it have Key Lime Pie? Continue reading

If Motorola X Is Superman, Then Google Nexus 5 Is Clark Kent [PREDICTION]

The Motorola X rumors have it shaping up to be a top-end smartphone. This means that it will be in competition with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4, the current champ the Samsung Galaxy S3 and also the rumored Google Nexus 5 because of the whole Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie angle. The last handset could be the largest threat of the Motorola X as it is thought that they will be revealed at the same time… Continue reading

Motorola X Hustling For Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie As Nexus 5 Watches [RUMORS]

There are rumours going around that the Motorola X could be released with Key Lime Pie. Google however have tried to play things down since they took over Motorola back in 2011. They wanted to make sure that other phone makers knew that they had as much chance at making a Nexus handset as Motorola did. However this could mean that the Motorola X may be the Google Nexus 5 and it could be the first to have Android 5.0. Continue reading

Google Nexus 5 Has No Dibs On Android 5.0, Motorola X Does?

The upcoming Motorola X could become the first handset to get Key Lime Pie, beating the Google Nexus 5 to it. MobileNApps said that the device from Motorola would be a breakthrough and that it may well be a game changer. It would then be competition for the likes of Apple and Samsung. Sources have also said that the device could beat the Nexus 5 to Key Lime Pie. Continue reading

Motorola X May Beat Google Nexus 5 To Android 5.0

The Motorola X could turn out to be the first handset to get Key Lime Pie ahead of the Google Nexus 5. MobileNApps recently said that the Motorola device would be a breakthrough when it came to mobiles and that it would change the game. Apple and Samsung would therefore have to do all they could to beat it. There are rumours going around as sources have said that the Motorola X phone would be the first in a line-up of handsets to come with Key Lime Pie. Continue reading