Facebook Tips: How To Make Your Social Life Look Better

As soon as we all got Facebook, we’ve all been competing to see who has the most exciting life. Unless we’re all lying (...cough.....) we’re all jetting off to places exotic, cooking amazing meals with beautiful friends...yaddah yaddah..... We’re all so busy leading glossy lives, it seems. But are we? It’s not too hard to sex up our workaday snaps to make it look as if we’re living the dream. (more…)

By Cecelia Dahl, ago

Apple Adds Facebook Into iOS 6, Samsung Goes One Further

Most smartphones recently released or in production are including a more comprehensive integration of social networking into the device as a feature, more specifically Facebook. However it sounds as though Samsung have completely reinvented the rulebook by researching the introduction of their own social network, which would be on their devices, integrated with their applications. (more…)

By Alex Bagi, ago