Google Nexus 5 Or Motorola X? Easier Choice Than You Think, Probably

There are numerous rumours going around about which device might get Key Lime Pie first. Could it be the Motorola X or will it be the Google Nexus 5? Google have tried to reassure smart phone makers since they took over Motorola. They said that other makers stand just as much chance of making a Nexus handset. But could the Motorola X be the Google Nexus 5 and will it have Key Lime Pie? (more…)

By Joshua TzeLung, ago

Motorola X Hustling For Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie As Nexus 5 Watches [RUMORS]

There are rumours going around that the Motorola X could be released with Key Lime Pie. Google however have tried to play things down since they took over Motorola back in 2011. They wanted to make sure that other phone makers knew that they had as much chance at making a Nexus handset as Motorola did. However this could mean that the Motorola X may be the Google Nexus 5 and it could be the first to have Android 5.0. (more…)

By Rick Berke, ago

Motorola X To Piggyback Nexus 5 With Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie?

The Motorola X might come with Key Lime Pie all ready to go. Google downplayed its 2011 acquisition of Motorola so that other phone makers didn’t feel they were going to miss out on making the next Nexus. But, could the Motorola X be the next Nexus after all, especially as it’ll probably be first to use KLP? Or do Motorola and Google have another trick up their corporate sleeve? (more…)

By Alex Bagi, ago