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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Sony Xperia Z5: More Than Meets The Eye

Which one of the two comes to your mind if we’d like to talk about their camera performance – Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s primary 16-megapixel shooter or Sony Xperia Z5’s 23-megapixel rear camera? Sony’s figures could obviously tell us that it’s got the upper hand, but could it prove to be what we expected it to be? Continue reading


iPhone 6S vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: The Need For Speed

If you’ve ever wondered about how the iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge stack up against each other in terms of their speed, you had look to the right place. Since the S7 Edge is newer than the iPhone counterpart, it’s not surprising if you’d think the former would take the cake in this comparison test. But could it really be proven, or proven otherwise? Continue reading


Samsung Galaxy S7 Not So Bubbly After All

Samsung promised that their Galaxy S7 flagship device is waterproof, but really, how “waterproof” could it be? It’s been certified with IP68 standards, which means 1.5 metres of water, but one YouTuber wanted to test it further to see if it holds true to what it’s been promised. And whether or not it could go past its limits. Continue reading


Chevrolet Camaro vs Ford Mustang: You Simply Won’t Get Enough Of Them

We think it’s a tough call to choose between the two; and it’s not surprising if you’re thinking the same way too. We’ve seen the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro go head to head almost all the time; it’s seemingly a showdown that nobody gets tired of watching. But do we really have a winner here; is it an obvious one that truly deserves the title? Continue reading


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Not Meant To Be Sweetened Up By Marshmallow Update

There’s no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is one of the best smartphones to have ever existed, but there’s also something that we shouldn’t overlook too. It’s got its own fair share of issues as well. That’s especially true when users have had their device updated to the latest Android Marshmallow. Continue reading


Microsoft Lumia 950: Is It Worth For You To Steer Away From iOS And Android?

Microsoft must be insane to want to come up with a handset rivalling against the likes of iOS and Android phones. But they still did it anyway – and in the form of a Microsoft Lumia 950. The introduction of Windows 10 on the device would seemingly be much more of an exciting turnaround for the company, but it’s also got its fair share of downsides too. Continue reading


The Best Phone Of 2015 Was The Google Nexus 6P, Hands-Down

You don’t have to play the guessing game here because we’re going to spoil it for you. Or you could probably have already known it already but you just needed some validation. Well, here’s the validation; the Google Nexus 6P was the best smartphone of 2015, knocking down strong rivals like the iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S6. Continue reading


2017 Honda Civic Hatch: The Small Surprises

If you’ve driven in the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe while you were in San Diego, chances are you’d rather fall for the 2017 Civic Hatchback instead. From being styled exceptionally to offering a comfortable interior as well as optimizing your driving experience with the rear hatch access equipped, the Civic Hatchback would be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Continue reading


2017 Ford Fiesta ST: Poor Interior, Shortage Of Doors

The 2017 Ford Fiesta ST200 has been unveiled days before the official debut at the Geneva Motor Show, and as much as it’s seemingly garnering lots of attention already, we’re not sure if that leans towards the good or the bad. That’s because the UK version of it would be so disappointing you’d regret you even anticipated it at first. Continue reading


Get Samsung Galaxy S6 Or S7? See The Difference More

Perhaps the Samsung Galaxy S7 wasn’t as anticipating since we were somewhat “told” not to expect too much out of it, and surely, the Korean tech maker didn’t disappoint. Would you have a rough guess to see how the once-flagship Galaxy S6 and S7 stack up against one another, especially in terms of taking better photos? Continue reading


2018 Ford Bronco RS: Essentially A Jeep Renegade Hellcat

We’re probably going to give it an unofficial name of a 2018 Ford Bronco RS, because we’re expecting to see one very soon, and that it’s the Jeep Renegade Hellcat that could have been. If only the latter was designed with my styling cues as the one you see above, because it looks absolutely mouth-watering. Continue reading


New Google VR Headset Looks Uncomfortable

We suggest you to check out the Google Store and the first thing you’ll notice whilst scrolling down is the VR Cardboard that’s amusingly uncomfortable to look at. (Alternatively, check the image above). The OCD in you would probably thank you for this OCD viewing pleasure, but other than that, it’s quite a pain in the neck if you have to look at it for more than 3 seconds. That, we assure you. Continue reading


Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S: Fight!

The question now would be, if you’d go for the seemingly flawless phone or the seemingly-flawless-phone-too-but-not-that-pretty-looking phone. We welcome you to the showdown of the iPhone 6S and the Samsung Galaxy S7; which one of these would come out on top? How would they be performing when being stacked against one another? Continue reading