HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3: The Tables Have Turned

With all the hype behind the Samsung Galaxy S3 running for months before its release, many fans couldn't help but feel that the Galaxy S3 ended up as an incremental upgrade over the Galaxy S2. While features like a 4.8-inch display and quad-core Exynos processor did come to fruition, they were cloaked by criticism of being a Pentile screen and leaks pointing towards US variants coming with dual-core chips instead. (more…)

By Mike Johnson, ago

iPad 2 Or iPad 3: Which Should You Buy?

The New iPad 3 is the most massive upgrade to the iPad ever since its inception two year ago. Better in just about every way compared to the iPad 2, the question however is whether it is worth the extra dough. And at the same time, if you already own an iPad 2 is it worth upgrading to the iPad 3? Let's explore. (more…)

By Cecelia Dahl, ago

New iPad ‘3’ Battery Tips: Squeeze More Juice Out Of Your iPad

The New iPad '3' is without a doubt the best tablet on the market right now. With a powerful GPU, quad-core processing, Retina Display and LTE though, it sucks more juice than its predecessor. This is evident in real-world tests which show the New iPad 3 die out at around 5 hours while the iPad 2 chugs on to over 7 hours. If you find that the New iPad 3 doesn't last as long as you hoped, here are some battery tips that should squeeze a little extra life out of your Apple tablet. (more…)

By Mike Johnson, ago
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Safest Cars Of 2012

When it comes to older model cars, you need to look at past statistics (see further below), however for new vehicles it is much more simpler. This can be identified from two authenticate results. Check the vehicles crash test results and study its accident statistics. (more…)

By Mario Caballero, ago

2012 BMW M5 Review

BMW M5, a much enhanced version of the 5-Series, is a superb sedan. Its lethal combination of muscular V10 with remarkable chassis enables it to challenge many sports cars in performance. It surely is fun to drive and hard to Read more…

By Alex Bagi, ago