BW: Verizon iPhone 5 Release Date “Confirmed”

Apple's next generation smartphone, the iPhone 5, is due for release as the year is slowly coming to an end. So how much further are we from its release? The much anticipated iPhone 5 launch date is one month from today reports BeatWeek. The tech blog discovered that Verizon have given "confirmation" that the new iPhone, possibly called iPhone 5, will be in retailers by 21st September. Verizon told their employees that they have to show up at work for 10 days starting from the 21st September or there will be trouble. (more…)

By Alex Bagi, ago

Forget LTE, T-Mobile iPhone 5 To Get Unlimited 4G Data With No Throttle [RUMOR]

The majority of carriers want to charge as much as possible for their fast data networks, but T-Mobile on the other hand have gone for a different look and they are going to be offering unlimited data very cheap reports Droid-Life. There appear to be plans for launching an unlimited 4G data plan on 5th September, exactly 1 week before the rumored iPhone 5 world debut on September 12. (more…)

By Dwayne Madden, ago

Samsung Galaxy S3: 6 Features You Don’t Know About

Without a doubt one of the best devices in the smartphone market at the moment is the Samsung Galaxy S3 and if you want to get the most out of the device, you have to understand its capabilities. So every week, we highlight 6 things the Samsung Galaxy S3 can do that isn't exactly common knowledge. So here are 6 Samsung Galaxy S3 features for this week to try out: (more…)

By Rick Berke, ago