Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: Why I Went With S3

There’s loads of excitement around the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the iPhone 5, but right now the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the market’s most powerful handset. This phone has made record sales and is still popular enough to persuade many to buy it right now rather than hang on for the iPhone 5 or the Note 2. (more…)

By Alex Bagi, ago

Samsung Galaxy S3: All That’s Missing Are Magic Unicorns

Inspiration for the Samsung Galaxy S3 came from a walk in the forest and the high tech handset is meant to reflect how simple nature is. That's basically what the vice president for mobile design for Samsung said. The company wanted to make a stronger connection with their consumers and designed the handset's display to reflect the sparkling look and feel of pebbles seen in a stream in the sun. (more…)

By Rick Berke, ago

Text Messages: Android More Secure Than iPhone

It is safer to send texts from an Android or Blackberry handset than it is from an iPhone reports InformationWeek. Recently it was found that there is a flaw in iOS for the iPhone that could allow people to hack into any SMS message sent from the iPhone. AdaptiveMobile put this to the test on an iPhone and compared it alongside other operating systems on handsets including Android, Blackberry and Windows. (more…)

By Mario Caballero, ago

Samsung Galaxy Note Is No iPhone, Obsolete In Just Weeks (T-Mobile)

The Samsung Galaxy Note disappeared from the website of T-Mobile and is showing up on other sites as back ordered reports AndroidPolice. AP goes on to add that they have heard from a source that is reliable that the Galaxy Note has reached the end of its life with T-Mobile. It is thought that the date for EOL will be around the 1st November; however this may change as the current T-Mobile stock is reduced. (more…)

By Dwayne Madden, ago