Motorola Has 2 DROID Phones Locked & Loaded For September 5th Event [RUMOR]

Motorola are getting ready to reveal two new Android devices on 5th September. Rumour has it that they will be announced at an event which will be held in New York. It is thought that the devices will be the Motorola DROID Razr HD and the Droid M. There will be two version of the Droid M, a regular one and one that is for Verizon only in the US claims sources. (more…)

By Joshua TzeLung, ago

[OFFICIAL] Massive 4.8-inch Samsung Galaxy Android Announced

Just when you thought that Samsung had done themselves proud with the Samsung Galaxy S3 then announce the release of another device with an even larger display. If you want to get your hands on Samsung’s latest device then you had better get larger pockets as the Galaxy Player is a whopping 5.8 inches of 960 x 540 LCD. This makes the display of the Galaxy S3, which is 4.8 inch, look small in comparison. It also makes the Samsung Galaxy Note look small by comparison. (more…)

By Rick Berke, ago

Samsung Galaxy S4 With Whopping 1-Week Battery Life, 2GHz Chip & Gorgeous Design… Too Bad It’s Just A Concept

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 already looks up to the task of holding the title as Samsung's flagship Android phone of 2012, there's no telling what Apple has planned for the iPhone 5.  Now Bob Freking has sent Concept-Phones his latest rendering and it is stunning with a great deal of work having gone into it. His latest concept is of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and it boats an amazing one week of battery life. (more…)

By Mike Johnson, ago