Xiaomi Looks Towards OnePlus 3 For its US Arrival

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Xiaomi is a phone maker that has two things going for it, excellent battery life and handsets that are affordable. However in the US it seems that buyers only get one of the two. ZTE and Huawei have now come to the market in the US so this shouldn’t be too big of an issue for too long.

The Vice President of Xiaomi, Hugo Barra, said they he wants the devices to land on US soil soon. However when soon actually is no one knows as the term is used loosely.

We are just hoping that once again this isn’t going to be a promise that is empty just for hyping the device. We do know that gaining entry into the US is going to be tricky as we have seen evidence of this with the OnePlus.

Both the OnePlus One and Plus2 are great handsets but owners have complained about getting poor support for the software. The OnePlus X has also suffered issues as it hasn’t been fully compatible with some of the networks in the US.

We are hoping that the OnePlus 3 is going to be a different matter, however at the moment it isn’t looking so. What customers in the US expect from a handset are different from what customers in other regions expect as they do like a customer support that is robust.

It is thought that patent acquisitions are going to cause the company a problem, however they have filed more patents than other OEMs. However this has got to be something that Xiaomi is thinking about.

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